Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bellflower Friendships?

This film speaks a lot about friendship. First of all Aiden really cares about Woodrow and does everything he can to try to get his best friend Woodrow a girl which they establish he has a desperate need for.  When they go to the bar Aiden basically sets Woodrow up with this girl in a cricket eating competition, which lead to them talking to each other later and exchanging numbers. When Woodrow first gets involved with Milly he completely disregards his plans with Aiden to continue working on their flamethrower. It seems ok because Woodrow really values Milly and it seems that he really likes her especially when he asks her to be his girlfriend. When Woodrow and Milly get back from their trip to Texas he completely forgets about the fact that Aiden set him up with Milly and never really thanked him, also by the time he gets back Aiden actually had finished the flame thrower and they go and test it out together. When they get back Woodrow and Milly spend way more than enough time together and almost disregard their best friends Aiden and Courtney. 
When Woodrow finds out that Milly has been cheating on him he leaves and gets nailed by a car. When he gets out of the hospital again Aiden is waiting there for him as always. That night while he is lying in bed with his injuries he has sex with Courtney who Aiden has showed interest in but he does it anyway. At this point I really questioned how good of a person Woodrow is and it confused me but with all that has happened to Woodrow including the brain damage and his girlfriend cheating on him should we still have empathy even though he is being an asshole. 
It constantly cuts between Woodrow being an asshole and you want to get mad at Woodrow until it cuts to him throwing up blood, or him crying about Milly and then you have to have some empathy for him. So you were constantly confused with whether you should give empathy to Woodrow or if you should hate him because he is such a horrible person to his best friend. 
During the surreal ending it shows that he really does not care about his friend because he constantly talks about about leaving him in the car that Aiden bought and built for him with Courtney. 
At the end when Woodrow and Aiden are hanging out by the beach it made their friendship feel fake almost and when the film ended I had this very angry strange feel. 

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