Monday, October 27, 2014

The Queen Modern vs. Traditional

The modern view vs. the traditional view was a topic that the movie The Queen talked a lot about. Not only did it show it in the acting but also the setting that each of the characters were filmed in because for most of the movie the Queen and the Prime Minister were in different locations. The majority of the locations that the queen were the Royal Palace, in their home in the country with the boys, and outside. All of these locations had very old rustic looks to them. The Royal Palace is pretty self explanatory where there was old furniture, books, and a stereotypical historical palace look to it. The same look was in their home in the country where everything felt like you were looking into a expensive house made 30 years ago. Having the majority of the queen shot there showed that she was traditional even down to the places she lived. When she was out in nature alone was when it was her only time to reflect over her daughter. The scene where her classic green jeep breaks down in the middle of a river was powerful to me because it felt like her “traditional” approach of doing things in the past stopped working and broke down. It was only then when the queen felt like she was allowed to show emotion because she was isolated and alone in this space. This is opposed with many shots of Tony Blair in his modern house and kids running around. His house was usually cluttered with a mess of some sort in frame. Through out the Tonly Blair and the Queen were shot in very different settings which spoke a lot on their character. Watching them speak in-between the two locations was enticing because of how different they were as people 

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