Monday, October 13, 2014

Life lessons

Life lessons is about an artist Lionel Dobie who is having issues completing his work. 
On the set of life lessons I think the placement of her room and where Dobie puts his canvas is really important. Prior to Paulette staying with Dobie, he struggles with inspiration and can’t paint. It is only when Paulette gets there he is able to bounce emotions and get inspiration in order to paint. In the scene where Lionel is looking for something to do and plays basketball, the “backboard” is her window. The whole concept of a backboard is something to bounce off of. So when he throws his basketball in the window/backboard it goes to her and she gets irritated. Right after which he goes up and tries to kiss her foot, and gets rejected. With all this built up emotion is only when he is able to paint and make his masterpieces by using this girl.
I also thought that the set described Lionel Dobie. It was a large spacious house apartment but it was covered in paint and dirtied up with odds and ends thrown around. I felt it described Dobie rather well in the sense that Dobie is a bigshot in the Art world but really does not really care about it. The only thing that is clean in the apartment is Paulette's room. Also to show that is all Dobie cares about we only see her room, there are no shots of where Dobie sleeps or does anything for his own well being. Where as we see Paulette relaxing (or trying to relax) in her room, on her bed.

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  1. CLARIFY: Your central point is not really stated clearly - I guess it's that the placement of her room and the canvas is "important' but that's not a very strong thesis because you don't tell us why it's important until much later. It would make more sense to even say "the set is carefully arranged to help reveal the character of Lionel Dobie" or something like that.

    VALUE: I appreciate the very specific example of the "backboard" idea, and I think your points about his loft are also good. Also good to be focused in your post about just the set and not try to tackle all the cinematic elements.

    CONCERNS: Your post is a bit scattered and you need a stronger opening to help someone read your post and understand it. You have one sentence as a synopsis, but it's not really enough - you don't introduce the main conflict (which would need to include mention of Paullette). I like the use of the picture but it doesn't really relate to the content of your post. You mention the "placement" of his canvas but you don't really explain what you mean by that with an example.

    The post feels rushed - you need to take more time and fully explore your ideas and connect it all to your main point.