Monday, October 13, 2014


This feel added this extra feel on how Lars Von Trier views America. I feel like Lars Von Trier portrays the United States as this selfish capitalist country. Most of the town’s actions are very self centered and for the individual as opposed to being selfless. I feel like this clearly was Lars Von Triers view on the US, and through the acting he really gets an extra sense of strangeness. 
The performance and acting in gave the movie an odd aesthetic. Everyone’s performance in the movie felt very odd and minimalistic. Originally the script of Dogville was written in Dutch and then translated into english which gave some of the dialogue a strange feel. This feeling of oddity was given through the performance, camera and the set. I felt that mainly the reason Lars Von Trier wanted this disconnected feeling is so that he could make us focus on her relationship between her and the town. 

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