Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guerrilla Filmmaking

I have a huge amount of respect for Guerrilla filmmaking. Mainly because before they begin to make the movie the filmmakers understand what they are getting into. There is a curtain thrill that they must get out of making these types of movies and a bigger relief when it goes well. The movie Escape From Tomorrow land was the movie that I thought had the biggest "Guerrilla" aesthetic. It was obvious that the people around them were not actors and real people and the movie as a whole felt very forced. Although I felt this way I still LOVED this movie and thought it was funny and had a strong message. On the other hand the movie Monsters that we watched I felt if I just watched that movie without knowing any background on it I don't think I would have know that it was shot in an illegal manner. Maybe because of the amount of VFX and how much I bought the world in the movie shadowed a lot of the minor flaws in the movie. Also I know that monsters had a lot larger of a budget than Escape from Tomorrow did so maybe that helped a little. 

I thought it was cool how much the environment affected how the camera was placed. I was very noticeable in both Monsters and Escape from tomorrow. In Monsters when they were in the jungle the camera was almost always handheld probably because they had no where to place the sticks. In escape from tomorrow the only time you got to see the camera on a tripod was in the hotel room or when he was in the room after he got taken. This was interesting because you could tell where they were and were not allowed to shoot which, because the places they were not allowed to shoot were usually done differently. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Black and White Digital

First, respond to "Escape from Tomorrow" and how you think the black and white functioned in the film. Then read the article (linked below) and tell us what you think of digital black and white and wether it has future in filmmaking.


The Puffy Chair and Mumblecore

I don't understand why I enjoyed the Puffy Chair so much. It was just relatable on weird levels and funny in sad ways. The aesthetic of this Mumblecore movie was so different and initially I really hated it and about 20 minutes into the movie I completely forgot about how annoying it was and just focused on the Characters and the plot line. The movie looked a lot like a found footage film but cut together in a weird way. Each of the characters you could relate to on some weird way as well and the conflict between the characters felt so real and had a home-ish feeling.

On the other hand I hated Tiny Furniture. An other Mumblecore film with a completely different aesthetic. The movie felt like a 23 year old complaining about her quarter life white girl crisis. Her character was just not appealing at all and throughout the entire movie I honestly just despised her. It was a different feel to the aesthetic and most of the shots were on a tripod and locked down. The story of the film was very boring to me because there was no drive to the movie and it just felt like watching a few days of this girls boring life. In the Puffy Chair there was a conflict and a reason for them to do everything that they did and it made sense where as in Tiny Furniture there honestly was not much of a story and it killed me.