Tuesday, February 18, 2014


To start off I honestly don't like twitter. I think it is making us stupid and don't think it really helps anything. They are a bunch of people complaining about shows and how they could "do better". Also why the hell are people on their phones during their shows anyway. Also if I WAS on twitter I feel like it would ruin shows that I like because people are constantly freaking out about the twists and the plots so nothing would really be a surprise. After reading all of this stuff on twitter it really made me hate twitter more, it just has given people more power that they really don't need.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Remix Videos

Copyright laws

All the artists that were shown on the documentary changed the songs they remixed enough to the point where you could have to search hard identify the original song or that the segment of the original song was a short enough that they shouldn't be affected by law. As a hip hop lover one segment of the documentary affected me; Clyde Stubblefield's part. It killed me because I have heard his beats for several years of my life but I had no idea that it was this mans creation. This genius revolutionized hip hop and without this man I don't know where hip hop would be today. His beats have been in the world long enough that they should be on the public domain but I still wish that his name was mentioned by these producers.
Also the situation with Pastime Paradise and Gangsters Paradise also pained me to watch. I had known Gangsters paradise most of my life but had never heard of Pastime Paradise. Also the fact that Coolio made a lot more money off Stevie Wonder's beat than Stevie Wonder did. 

I believe what needs to be done is that is an artist uses someone else's beat or part of someone else's song, they should talk to the artists not the producer and also give them recognition. I think the biggest problem with with songs is that the Producers and that they own the song. I wish that the artists owned all the rights to their songs life would be so much easier in regards to copyright laws.