Friday, December 20, 2013

New Era Of Film

The New Era, Globalization.
Due to the monopolization  of film. After watching the documentary on remixing I was surprised to see that everything is run by two major companies. I believe that these companies are becoming greedy and want more money. Movie cinema's are getting ridiculously expensive and also creating film is becoming really expensive and how a "micro budget" is 5 million dollars now. Due to the amount of money I believe we are going to the globalization of film, and how we can get movies around the world to make more money. With movies like Pacific Rim and Iron man you don't need to watch/understand the film. Explosion/action/CGI talks to everyone and is universally understood, where as movies heavily dialogue based can not speak to the world, usually just the language it was shot in. CGI and action is where the money is at and where the money is being made.