Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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Silent Film Chaplin Project Synopsis

With the silent film project I made a collage of Charlie Chaplin. First of all I made it in black and white because Chaplin films were in black and white. In the Top line I place all of the people that Charlie Chaplin inspired.  For all of the people he inspired I drew a Chaplin mustache on them to show that he had influenced them in their careers. I place Hitler under Charlie Chaplin because Hitler loved Chaplin and in his honor he grew out his mustache. In the middle to the left there is Chaplin and under him is a music stage, Chaplin worked in a music stage when he was 9 so he had seen comedians and that had been an influence in his life. I put question marks for his dad in a silhouette because even though we do know who hid dad was he was never really a part in Chaplin's life. Chaplin's mom is next to him partially in a mental ward because she went to a mental ward. The US (C)itizen was there because Chaplin refused to become a US Citizen and was exiled because of that, the copyrights symbol in the there was because Chaplin owned the rights to all of his films so along with exiled Chaplin his films came with him. Chaplin was accused of being a Soviet therefore the symbol is there. The bored face was there because Chaplin was a perfectionist and took a ton of takes to get the perfect take. He was the first actor to be on the cover of Time Magazine. Finally the Rocky poster was there because that is the last movie Chaplin ever saw.