Friday, September 20, 2013

Watching Motion Pictures (early 1900's)

Today I went to a movie theatre for the first time and watched what they call motion pictures. I watched a movie called the mysterious café. The most fascinating things were happening, the chairs and tables were disappearing and reappearing. The couple that was trying to have a peaceful dinner was being terrorized by these magical things that were happening and ended up beating up the waiter. It was almost like I was spying on people because they had no idea that we were there. It is hard to explain because it was like a play but it was projected on a screen in front of us but they did not say anything, all I could hear was the piano that was playing in the back and the people laughing.

I wrote this because I think that no one would understand what would be happening hence spying on them. Also I was hesitant to use the word project the image on the screen because I didn't know if the people back then could understand how projectors would work. Also the person I was writing through though that what was happening on the screen was real.